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None of that is some evil conspiracy by the patriarchy

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That being said, I actually do have a problem with genderbending historical figures. This might sound silly to you, but it pretty jarring to me when my eyes see a cute girl but her name brings up a completely different image in my head. Now I can claim to speak for everyone, but the dissonance is probably what put some people off when it comes to genderswapping historical figures..

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cheap swimwear Relationships and friendships are crucial. Traumas can be detrimental. Everything is incredibly intense because you’re experiencing so many things for the first time, both good and bad.. Men just happen to have different bodies than women. Men are louder because our voices are made that way, they broader because testosterone does that to shoulders and they taller because biology just happens to dictate that. None of that is some evil conspiracy by the patriarchy, it just the way men happen to be made.. cheap swimwear

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