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Yet that dreamlike reality is shattered by the grim reality of

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wholesale replica designer handbags One could make replica bags a good argument that no one company epitomizes traditional American values and the American dream than Disney. For most cheap designer bags replica kids growing up a trip to either Disneyland in Anaheim or Disney World in Orlando is the fulfillment of a dream where upon entering the castle gates everyone reverts to the innocence of childhood. Yet that dreamlike reality is shattered by the grim reality of corporate profits and the stark realization that here too the kingdom is governed by a bottom line mentality where profits designer replica luggage take precedence over dreams. wholesale replica designer handbags

Replica Handbags But Friday, November 17, it was discovered, at the Sheena Bora murder trial, that Indrani and Peter Mukerjea’s former driver might not be much more than an angutha chaap (an illiterate who uses a thumb print to sign his name).Ten odd years of education seemed to have not taught him the difference between his angutha (thumb) and his ungli (finger), the court learned.Or else a few decades in Mumbai have taught him too much, in its School of Street Smarts.Friday’s hearing at CBI Special Judge Jayendra Chandrasen Jagdale’s Courtroom 51, south Mumbai, like Wednesday, once again dwelled on Rai’s dodgy right thumb.This was the thumb that had been bitten by victim Sheena Bora when the driver was allegedly helping Indrani and former husband Sanjeev Khanna strangle her to death on April 24, 2012 in Bandra, north west Mumbai.Sudeep Pasbola, Indrani’s trial lawyer, while examining Rai’s statement to the CBI, in a post lunch court session, asked the driver what he told the CBI about his right thumb and wondered why he said he had been bitten on his unglee (finger) when it was his thumb.Rai stuck out his now famous Right Thumb for the whole court best replica bags online to see, and quite cleverly, it seemed, replied: “Ha Sir, mein ne unglee bola! (Yes sir, I said my finger!).”The high end replica bags room was momentarily dumbstruck.Then CBI Special Prosecutor Kavita Patil dove in quickly to defend Rai and offered that the driver had indeed demonstrated what he meant that by saying unglee he actually meant his thumb.The lawyer railed, in his anger making some unintended puns in the bargain, “He is trying to show the thumb to the court. He can’t take everyone for a ride! He can’t give any damn reason. The court has to consider if it is plausible or not!”The hearing began with Gunjan Mangla, also Indrani’s advocate, taking over the cross examination, since the always super busy Pasbola was held up at a best replica bags case at the high court, a kilometre away.The petite lawyer, wearing a black jacket, white shirt, a lawyer’s white neck band, and trousers, in a crisp, brisk style, meticulously and smoothly continued the omissions and contradictions segment of the cross examination with Rai.Friday it was comparing Rai’s second statement, of September 6, 2015, (another 161 or confession before an officer under Section 161 of the Criminal Procedure Code) to the Khar police station, north west Mumbai, with his court testimony.Note: Rai replica designer bags wholesale had recorded several statements during the two year course of the Sheena Bora murder investigation Replica Handbags.